Luxury Hotel Complex and Residences, Belgrade


LAMDA Development  through its subsidiary Property Development DOO acquired a property covering 43,000 sq.m. located in the centre of Belgrade, Serbia.

The property, which was purchased through a State public tender, is adjacent to the historic main tourist attraction of the City, the Kalemegdan Castle, overlooking the junction of Sava and Danube Rivers. The entire area of the Castle and its surroundings is considered as “protected” by the Serbian Heritage Institutions and is being treated with most importance and sensitivity by State Authorities and public sentiment.

The property is less than 1 km away from Belgrade’s main high street retail pedestrian road (famous Knez Mihajlova). Therefore the site, literally being on the edge of the City Centre, enjoys relative seclusion, beautiful views over Kalemegdan Park and the rivers’ intersection, while being a short walk to the main shopping street as well as the main entertainment street of Belgrade. The property used to belong to the former State textile company named BEKO which had its factory within the plot, an imposing high ceiling 5 story building facing the Castle, which will be reconstructed to host the hotel.

Total area of the project is expected to reach 100,000 sq.m. the company carried out the planning of the entire urban block and produced accordingly a Master Plan Urban Analysis of the immediate and wider surrounding urban context that resulted in the Concept Design for the Project. The project will consist primarily of high-end residential dwellings accompanied with a five-star branded hotel, a downtown retail mall concept and offices.