ReTech Innovation Challenge



The retail marketplace is being radically transformed and reshaped: it uses technology, is outward- and forward-looking, and has adopted innovative tools in order to improve financial results and optimize the shopping experience.

ReTech Innovation Challenge hopes to create an innovative network of ideas and solutions that will contribute to the restructuring of the Retail market, transform traditional malls into modern hubs of technology and innovation and strengthen the ecosystem of business start-ups and entrepreneurship.

This entrepreneurship competition will become a “bridge” between LAMDA Development and startup entrepreneurship, will contribute in the transformation of the malls into modern hubs of innovation and technology, will attract new stakeholders, and will strengthen the relationship between the malls and the tenants and the millions of visitors.

ReTech Innovation Challenge contest focuses mostly on innovative ideas in the fields of Retail, Food & Entertainment, and Mall Services and will take place at Lamda Development’s Shopping Centers.

The ReTech Innovation Challenge in the final round

Phase one of the ReTech Innovation Challenge, launched by Lamda Development, was completed with great success. The challenge, organised by the strategic partner “Industry Disruptors Game Changers” (ID – GC), will culminate with a grand event on the 21st February at The Mall Athens.

The challenge focuses on ideas and proposals that utilise new technologies in the Retail, Food & Entertainment Mall Services sectors. The applications submitted by 10th of December, were evaluated by an independent panel comprised of market representatives, investors, businesspeople and academics.

The 10 participants with the highest scores now move on to the next phase of the challenge and will present their idea at special pop up stands at The Mall Athens in February. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to meet the retailers of Lamda Development's malls, will participate in training courses, and, also, participate into mentoring and coaching programs supervised by leading members of the business community.

The three (3) winners will emerge from a live “battle” between the 10 finalists at the grand event at The Mall Athens on the 21st February. The winners will earn monetary prizes of € 10,000, as well as professional mentoring and coaching from large companies, while the grand winner will also have the opportunity to present their proposal at the Creative Business Cup, the largest international competition for innovative entrepreneurs from over 100 countries.

The 10 finalists in alphabetical order:

Bespot ( Bespot. is a location Intelligence (LI) and analytics solution for marketing and business strategy executives in the retail industry. We develop a Location Intelligence Solution (LI) and bespot. rewarding application. Via bespot. LI solution users gain useful market insights such as footfall, user flows, commercial area related statistics, and demographics of local population.

Bubbllz ( Bubbllz is a mobile app that rewards users posts even in real time! Users get rewarded. Businesses, brands, malls get advertised through their customers! Businesses,Brands, malls,stores : With every sale, with every customer you get advertised! Bubbllz win win structure and technology to post and get rewarded even in real time.

Foodity ( Sustainable Food Movement in Greece (SFMinGR) is a social enterprise tackling food waste and promoting sustainability in the Greek Culinary Arts Industry. Among our services which are education, events and consulting for culinary professionals and businesses, we’ve designed “foodity” a low cost surplus food meals app for businesses in premium gastronomy.

HouseID ( HouseID is the first curated platform that brings the best furniture and decor that exist in the physical stores of Athens online. It’s basically a unique phygital experience for high end home-décor products located throughout the city. For shoppers, HouseID is a platform that individuals or professionals can easily discover the best available furniture and decor located throughout the city of Athens.

Mobijoo/ MOJOOLS ( A web platform that for the first time worldwide, allows jewellery to be designed and created on the visitor’s arms and hands, using 3D printing technologies coupled with 3D design and 3D scanning.

Μyjobnow ( MyJobNow is a ‘mobile-first’ hiring marketplace for the blue-collar sector. Leveraging mobile technology, MyJobNow is a recruitment tool that offers improved matching for Employers and Job Seekers with parameters such as interests and job seekers’ physical location (via GPS).

RoadCube Inc ( RoadCube is a platform where the consumer can increase his purchasing power by using multiple loyalty schemes in one mobile app. So the consumer with the same budget he can acquire more goods and services just by interacting with RoadCube businesses.

Orderstate ( For businesses operating with transportation of goods and relatively complex orders, Orderstate is a platform that tracks the whole order cycle and gives visibility of the status of the order. Unlike the existing systems provided by couriers or freight forwarders, Orderstate applies to all means of transport and all stages of the order.

Recycglobe ( RECYCGLOBE is the first Greek company which supplies private or municipal companies activated in collecting and treating waste (liquids and solids) with innovative software and hardware waste management systems. RECYCGLOBE has developed the first online waste management platform that connects directly raw material providers with waste collectors (Private Companies-Municipalities)

ZAC. K Intelligent Apparel ( Exisom is a set of smart clothes (leggings and tops) with sensors embedded in the core of the fabrics. A small Bluetooth hardware unit embedded in the apparel sends data in real-time to the user's smartphone. Once received, the data can be used in an app where it's further analyzed using AI algorithms.