The Hellinikon


Hellinikon Project constitutes the largest greenfield urban infrastructure development investment in Europe, specifically planned to trigger significant new investments in tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, innovation and the environment, which are expected to result to a positive impact, not only for the region of Attica, but for the whole country. Hellinikon constitute a one-of-a-kind urban development project, combining the natural beauty of the area and the unique characteristics of the state-of-the art buildings. The project’s sustainable design, will provide for world-class services and infrastructures, while it will upgrade the citizens’ quality of life. As part of its planning for this project, back in December 2019, Lamda Development, successfully concluded the highest non-banking share capital increase of the decade in Greece, amounting to €650 mln.

General Information

The 6,200,000 m² plot is directly connected with nearby municipalities, creating that way a unique urban continuity. The project’s master plan is based on current infrastructure of the area providing easy and convenient mass-transportation access for its visitors.

The Hellinikon Project
of total land area

The Metropolitan Park

The development of Hellinikon-Agios Kosmas 2,000,000 m² Metropolitan Park will be characterized by its environment-friendly design, based on fundamental sustainability principles. The enhancement of the coastal front and the opening of the city’s connection towards the sea, constitute a key environmental and social objective of Hellinikon’s Master Plan.

Metropolitan Park
of open green spaces
Less than 1%
of coefficient coverage
of path network for
pedestrian and cyclists
Approximately 1km
of newly developed free
access beach

Positive impact on the economy

Hellinikon is the largest urban development project in Greece’s history. It is a multi-dimensional project which expands over many sectors of the economy, and it is expected to accelerate the country’s economic development , both on a macroeconomic and microeconomic basis.

The Hellinikon Project
total investment
The Hellinikon Project
to GDP
The Hellinikon Project
new jobs during
The Hellinikon Project
new jobs during
The Hellinikon Project
in tax revenues
The Hellinikon Project
visitors to
be attracted
The Hellinikon Project
of estimated budget for
infrastructure project

Smart City

Hellinikon is a project that has been developed and designed incorporating
smart city concepts and cutting-edge technologies

Smart Metropolitan Park

Central operational efficiency; irrigation automation & smart water management; smart street lighting; safe park; sustainable transport options (ebus/ebikes); traffic management; lower energy demand

Smart Digital Infrastructure

Helps monitor different parameters of the city; analyze the collected data; support adoption of technology; Wi-Fi connected city; promote an innovative and entrepreneurial culture

Smart Buildings

Improve comfort of users; optimize usage of utilities

Smart Mobility

Optimize traffic conditions; customized traffic solutions; reduce environmental footprint; intelligent transport system and traffic management; develop more pedestrian and bicycle-friendly routes

Smart Energy

Optimize energy distribution and usage; enable community-based energy monitoring

Smart Water management

Less water consumption; Reduce cost and leakage; increase reliability and transparency of water distribution

Waste Management

Improve efficiency of waste collection, pickup, separation, reuse and recycle