Our History

April 2024
Signing of an Agreement

Signing of an Agreement within the strategic cooperation framework with the BROOK LANE CAPITAL group, for the development of a state-of-the-art mixed-use tower at The Ellinikon

February 2024

Hill International has been selected for the supervision of the construction of the Riviera Tower, as well as the project management for the Cove Residences and Little Athens

May 2023
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

BELT Riviera S.A. (with TEMES S.A. – ELLINIKO M.A.E. as shareholders) has signed an agreement with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group for the management of the new hotel and luxury residences (branded residences) on the Coastal Front of The Ellinikon

May 2023

The construction of the Riviera Tower has been assumed by the Bouygues Batiment International - Intrakat consortium

September 2023
Care Center for People with Disabilities

The first building of the significant investment in The Ellinikon, the Care Center for People with Disabilities, has been completed and delivered, accommodating 4 associations for PWD

July 2023
Mega Yacht Marina in Corfu

The Mega Yacht Marina in Corfu has been acquired​

October 2022
official opening event of The Ellinikon

The official opening event of The Ellinikon took place, marking it as one of the largest urban regeneration projects in Europe

September 2022

The Real Estate Agreement was signed for the concession of land at The Ellinikon for the development of the Integrated Resort Casino (IRC) to the company IRC ELLINIKOU, a joint venture between GEK TERNA and Hard Rock​

August 2022

Issuance of the building permit for the Riviera Tower

August 2022
McArthur Glen Designer Outlet

Acquisition of the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Athens

July 2022
Lamda Malls Logo

Complete acquisition of Lamda Malls, securing 100% ownership and control

June 2022
Έκδοση πράσινου ομολόγου

Issuance of a 7-year Green Common Bond Loan of €230m

June 2022
Orilina logo

Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ORILINA PROPERTIES REIC for a residential and commercial development on the Coastal Front in the Ellinikon

April 2022
Bouygues Batiment International & Intrakat

Selection of the Joint Venture between Bouygues Batiment International and intrakat as a consultant to provide per-construction management services in the form of "Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)" for the development of the Riviera Tower

April 2022
The Ellinikon Experience Centre

Opening of The Ellinikon Experience Centre

March 2022
Avax logo

Selection of AVAX Group as a Main Contractor for the Infrastructure works Contract/package in Phase 1 of The Ellinikon

January 2022
Υπογραφή Συμφωνίας Πλαίσιο (Framework Agreement) με τη BROOK LANE CAPITAL

Signing of a Framework Agreement with BROOK LANE CAPITAL for the development of a Mixed Use Tower

December 2021
The Ellinikon Experience Park

Opening of The Ellinikon Experience Park

December 2021
Mace & Jacobs

Selection of the consortium Mace and Jacobs as Project Management Consultant (PMC) for Buildings

June 2021

Signing of the Share Transfer Agreement of HELLINIKON S.A.

June 2021
Fourlis group of companies

Strategic cooperation agreement with FOURLIS Group for the development of a Retail Park within The Ellinikon

May 2021
Olympic Museum of Athens

Opening of the Athens Olympic Museum

December 2020
Υπουργείο Πολιτισμού

Signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Culture for the protection of antiquities at The Ellinikon

December 2020
Ολυμπιακό Κέντρο Υγρού Στίβου στο ΟΑΚΑ

The renovation, reconstruction, and creation of new structures at the facilities of the Olympic Aquatics Center in OAKA commenced

November 2020
Όμιλος ΤΕΜΕΣ

Signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with TEMES for the development of 2 luxury hotels on the coastal front of the Ellinikon

July 2020
Έκδοση 7ετούς κοινού Ομολογιακού Δανειου

Issuance of a 7-year Common Bond Loan of €320m

July 2020
Έναρξη πρόδρομων εργασιών του Ελληνικού

Commencement of preliminary / preparatory works at The Ellinikon

December 2019
Αύξηση Μετοχικού Κεφαλαίου

Share Capital Increase (SCI) of €650m

June 2017
 The Mall Athens

Acquisition of full control (100%) of The Mall Athens

June 2014
Αύξηση Μετοχικού Κεφαλαίου

Share Capital increase (SCI) of €150m

November 2014
Χάρτης ελληνικό

Signing of the sales and purchase agreement (SPA) of HELLINIKON S.A.

February 2013
Διεθνές Ραδιοτηλεοπτικό Κέντρο (IBC)

Acquisition of the concession of the long-term use of International Broadcasting Center (IBC) for the 90 years

November 2008
Golden Hall

Opening of Golden Hall

November 2005

Opening of The Mall Athens

October 2005
Mediterranean Cosmos

Opening of Mediterranean Cosmos

May 2004
Μαρίνα Φλοίσβου

Beginning of construction works at Marina Flisvos

June 2001
Χρηματιστήριο Αθηνών

Listing of LAMDA Development shares on the Main market of the Athens Exchange (ATHEX)