Coastal Front

Unique experiences by the sea

The Ellinikon marks the starting point of the Athens Riviera, one of the Mediterranean's most spectacular coastlines. The revitalized waterfront seamlessly links the city to the sea, featuring shops in a setting of unparalleled natural splendor, and provides 310 berths for unforgettable moments against the backdrop of a stunning sunset. 

beach front at the ellinikon

Enjoy a walk by the beach

The new picturesque route linking the beachfront to the Ellinikon Park blends the lush greenery of the park seamlessly with the sea's elements and the city's vibrant atmosphere. 

The Ellinikon Marina

The Ellinikon Marina: Your Mediterranean getaway

Stroll along the marina and experience the ultimate in shopping and entertainment at the Riviera Galleria. Don't miss the iconic Riviera Tower, setting new architectural standards, with a stunning view of the marina. 

a pool at the ellinikon

Beach Living

Year-round perfection awaits you at The Ellinikon beach. Stroll along 1 km of pristine white sands, bask and swim in the crystal-clear waters, and make the most of our exceptional recreational amenities. It's the ultimate summer destination for all seasons. 

a pool at the ellinikon

Opulence by the sea

Discover two brand-new beachfront hotels at The Ellinikon, situated along both the beach and the marina, promising distinctive experiences for all guests. Experience moments of relaxation in a luxury setting, amidst the vibrant heartbeat of the city. 

coastal residential building

Your dream house awaits at The Ellinikon

Impressive new residences on the Athens Riviera featuring top architectural design and breathtaking views.