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Corporate Governance

At LAMDA Development, we are committed to generating value with enduring benefits for our shareholders, employees, and society through our operations. Upholding a culture of transparency across all processes and adhering to guidelines promoting integrity and ethics, we are dedicated to corporate governance practices that safeguard the interests of all stakeholders.

We firmly believe that maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance is integral to ensuring the resilience, integrity, and performance of our business. We are convinced that success stems from adhering to common rules and continuously improving our social and environmental performance.

Corporate Governance Principles

LAMDA Development S.A. considers the implementation of strong Corporate Governance practices as essential for its own growth and the sustainability of its subsidiaries. Accordingly, it fully adheres to the current legislation of the Code of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Council.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of eleven members, collectively possessing the knowledge, experience, and specialized qualities required for the exercise of their responsibilities. One member is executive, and the remaining are non-executive, with five of them being independent. 

Nurturing a culture of respect and transparency

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Introducing our Whistleblowing Line

We have introduced a novel platform for both named and anonymous reporting, allowing all members of the LAMDA Group, including employees and partners, to confidentially report any behaviors that may be deemed unlawful or unethical. Our utmost priority is to uphold transparency, protect the integrity of our personnel, and prevent any instances of discrimination, violence, or harassment within the workplace. We are at your service, fully prepared to assist and address any matters of concern. [email protected]

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Diversity Practices

We are committed to adhering to international standards for embracing diversity. We support providing equal opportunities to candidates and employees at all levels of the hierarchy, regardless of race, religion, origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or family status. 

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Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy

Our policy aims to protect human dignity and prevent and combat all forms of discrimination based on personal characteristics and choices. Simultaneously, it seeks to prevent and address any kind of violence and harassment that occurs during work, whether related to it or arising from it.