Management Committee

The Management Committee is appointed by the Chief Executive Officer and consists of the Chiefs of the following divisions: Infrastructure Division - Ellinikon Project, Controls Division - Ellinikon Project, Development Residential, Mixed Use, Hospitality - Ellinikon Project, Development Malls, Offices, M. Park, Leisure Division, Marinas Division, Investment Portfolio Division, Operations Division, Legal & Compliance Division, Marketing and Communication Division, Corporate Affairs Division, Investments Division, Human Resources Division, Strategy & Investor Relations Division, and the Chief Financial Officer.

The Committee is the coordinating body that monitors the operation of the Company in relation to its annual goals, makes strategic or regular recommendations to the Management and takes decisions based on the limits of competence of its members.

The Committee shall be convened on a regular basis, and where appropriate, whenever deemed necessary by any of its members.

The Chiefs of Divisions are required to inform the employees of their Divisions on the issues and developments that arise after each meeting.