Flisvos Marina

Boasting a long history in the industry dating back 18 years, coupled with a 20% domestic market share, Flisvos Marina is the highest-ranking Greek tourist port in terms of turnover* and enjoys a prime reputation as the ultimate destination for international mega yachts. The marina features 303 berths, 50% of which accommodate boats and luxury yachtsexceeding 35 meters in length, perfectly catering to the needs of all mega yachts from Greece and around the world. The port and land infrastructure (90,228 sq.m. in total), as well as the commercial part of the marina have contributed to the creation of a world class facility attracting upscale tourism. From the moment the management and development of Flisvos Marina was undertaken by LAMDA Flisvos Marina in 2002, Flisvos evolved into a leading and multi-award winning marina in the South-eastern Mediterranean, positively overturning the status quo, and setting enviable standards in light of Greek and Europe-wide competition, while also significantly contributing to the upgrade of the wider area. Recently, LAMDA DEVELOPMENT S.A announced that acquired from the company under the name “D- Marinas B.V.” of DOGUS Group, the remaining 50% of the shares issued by LAMDA DOGUS INVESTMENTS S.A. and became its sole shareholder, wholly controlling LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. Since 2017, Flisvos Marina invested on new environmental protection, energy saving and waste management projects, as well as on personnel training. Tenant occupancy in the Flisvos Marina commercial areas for 2019 was 97%, with visits remaining particularly high, with an average 27,000 visitors recorded during the weekends. It is worth noting that over 1,100 people are employed within the marina facilities, specifically working in the yachts, the offices, the commercial and entertainment shops, and as part of the marina’s administration. Flisvos Marina’s commitment to continuous development, focusing on high quality of services, safety and environmental awareness was recognised with the “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” distinction; the highest accreditation of the Global Gold Anchor Scheme. Flisvos Marina is the second mega-yacht marina in Europe to receive the Platinum accreditation. Flisvos was also accredited with the “EFQM Committed to Excellence - 4 star” by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). It has been awarded with a Blue Flag since 2007 and certified with ISO9001 and ISO14001 by Lloyd’s Register Group since 2008, rendering it Greece’s first marina to hold both certifications. Last but not least, in 2019 Flisvos Marina has published its first Sustainability Report according to the GRI standard.   For more info visit www.flisvosmarina.com or follow us on our social media channels: *(Source: ICAP, Top Sectors of the Greek Economy, 2019, Tourist Ports)