The Mall Athens


The Mall Athens is the first large-scale commercial center and the largest shopping and leisure center developed in Greece. The investment value of the commercial and leisure center is €320 million, making it one of the largest private real estate investments in Greece.

Since its opening in November 2005, the Mall Athens has become a preferred retail and leisure destination for the residents and the visitors of the wider city of Athens.
The Mall Athens has approximately 200 retail and entertainment units, spread over five levels, and 58,500 square meters, as well as 90,000 square meters of underground space.
Its variety of commercial chains, recreational options and distinctive Greek and international brands, have introduced a new era in entertainment, food and shopping and have made it the ultimate entertainment spot for the Greek family.

Strategically located next to critical road and public transport junctions, The Mall Athens is also known for its modern architecture and innovative services, its practical layout and the high standard of services offered to visitors.

It is estimated that the operation of The Mall Athens accounts for approximately 2,500 permanent new jobs.
The construction of The Mall Athens has contributed to the progressive development of the surrounding areas of Marousi, which were largely abandoned and degraded in previous years.

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