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The Ellinikon


The vision of LAMDA Development for The Ellinikon t is the design of a pioneering development for Athens, with emphasis on the creation of a world-class Metropolitan Park covering an area of 2,000,000 sq.m., as well as the upgrade of the Coastal Front, both fully accessible to the public.

The project consists of an integrated urban development model that will combine the area’s natural beauty and unique inherent characteristics with landmark buildings standing out for their state-of-the-art architectural design. The sustainable design approach of the project will offer world-class services and amenities while improving the standard of living of the entire Attica area’s inhabitants.

The project will include residential developments, hotels, shopping centers, family entertainment venues, museums, cultural venues, health and wellness centers, sports infrastructure recreation spaces, a modern business park with an educational and R&D hub as well as the total regeneration of the existing marina and the entire Coastal Front that, along with the Park, will be the major attractions of the site.

The project constitutes the largest urban regeneration project in Europe, designed to add significant new investments and uses in the areas of tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the environment. expected to have a positive effect not only on the region of Attica but on the entire country as well.

Moreover, The Ellinikon is expected to substantially contribute to the repositioning of Athens as one of the major world-class tourism destinations as it will provide a significant number of new accommodation landmarks, as well as thematic tourism venues, expected to attract at least 1 million new tourists while significantly reducing seasonality and at the same time increasing the average stay and spending of tourists in Athens. The Ellinikon is expected to contribute to the country’s GDP by 2.4% until the development’s completion date, contributing also a total of over €14 bln in tax revenues to the Greek State over the same timeframe.

For more information please visit The Ellinikon website: https://www.theellinikon.com.gr

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