Full Coverage of the Share Capital Increase in cash, with pre-emption right in favor of existing shareholders


The company under the name “Lamda Development S.A.” (hereinafter: “the Company”) announces that the share capital increase in cash and pre-emption right in favor of existing shareholders, which was decided by the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Company’s shareholders held on 10.10.2019, as was further specified by the resolution of the Company’s Board of Directors adopted on 21.11.2019 (hereinafter “the SCI”) and took place from 02.12.2019 until 16.12.2019, was successfully completed by raising funds of € 650,000,098.00 through the exercise of pre-emption rights and over-subscription rights.
Specifically, the SCI was subscribed by approximately 1.1 times as investor demand amounted to 105,737,572 shares. 99.14% was covered by subscriptions by investors exercising the pre-emption right with the payment of a total amount of € 644,415,560.90 corresponding to 96,181,427 new common registered voting shares. The remaining 0.86% was covered by the exercise of the over-subscription right with the payment of a total amount of € 5,584,537.10 corresponding to 833,513 new common registered voting shares allocated (in accordance with the decision of the Company’s Board of Directors dated 21.11.2019) proportionately based on the number of 9,556,145 unsubscribed new shares demanded by investors.
Following the above, there were no unallocated shares and, thus, the Share Capital Increase was fully subscribed (100.00%) and the funds raised amounted to €650,000,098.00.
As a result, the Company's share capital will be increased by €29,104,482.00 through the issue of 97.014.940 new common registered voting shares, with a par value of € 0.30 each. An amount equal to €620,895,616,00 will be credited to the “share premium” account. Following the above, the Company’s share capital will amount to €53,021,014.50, divided into 176,736,715 common registered voting shares, with a nominal value of € 0.30 each.
The new shares issued as a result of the aforementioned SCI will be allocated to the beneficiaries (investors) in dematerialized form by crediting the DSS Investor Share and Securities Account indicated by the beneficiaries (investors).
The date of crediting the new shares to the beneficiaries’ (investors’) DSS accounts and the commencement of trading on the ATHEX shall be made known by a another company announcement.

Marousi 17.12.2019