Elliniko: A trip through time, from prehistory to the present




A tribute to a landmark-place

For some six decades or so, the site of the Old Airport at the Elliniko housed not just the buildings, the ancillary facilities and the airways; it hosted lots of emotions – the excitement of the journey, the anticipation of reunion, the sadness of separation, the fear of the unknown future and the feeling of hope. When endeavoring to reconstruct the landmark’s history, especially during the twentieth century and the first decades of the twenty-first century, you will discover that the former airport’s close connection with the historic events that took place in Greece and worldwide too, inevitably becomes apparent. The site of the former airport over all those years reflects the whole concept of Greece, with its ups and downs, its failures and successes since 1938, when the airport’s operation first began, until the present day. This book narrates the story of the wider area of the former airport at the Elliniko, starting from the first traces of human habitation in the area of Agios Kosmas until the last hundred years, detecting man’s presence during the Prehistoric, the Classical, the Byzantine and modern times till the present day. Discover the rich history behind The Ellinikon and learn about its future plans, through the new book "The Ellinikon: A trip through time, from prehistory to the present".