Our people


The company aims at the creation of an environment that fosters top performance and employees’ professional development.

This is achieved by attracting, developing and retaining the best fit talent for the organization. The company supports its people so that they accomplish their goals through continuous learning and development, offering equal opportunities to everyone.

The Company applies performance management systems and rewards strategies and processes that are the basis for employee development and motivation.

The training programs are meant to facilitate employees’ professional development and to ensure their effective response to the company’s ambitious goals. They are tailored to the present job requirements, as well as to their future career steps.

LAMDA Development is committed to the development and of its employees, the improvement of the corporate internal communication and the reinforcement of the corporate culture.
Within the framework of the benefits provided and the social policy implemented by the company, the company offers its employees a series of financial and social benefits:

• Performance-based bonus plan
• Stock option plan for its senior executives
• Pension plan
• Health insurance plan
• Monthly Ticket Restaurant vouchers.
• Interest-free loans to the personnel in case of urgent needs
• Extra maternity leave days
• Extra educational leave days for master degrees’ exams
• Christmas and Easter presents for employees
• Christmas presents for employees’ children
• Rewards to excellent pupils/students
• Occupational health & safety provision

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