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Codified Articles of Association

Report of Legal Auditor's Findings 25.11.2019

Valuation_ Aegina_30.06.2019      

Valuation_ Blue Land_30.06.2019

Valuation_ Cecil, Kifissia_30.06.2019

Valuation_ Golden Hall_30.06.2019

Valuation_ Lamda Med Office Building_30.06.2019

Valuation_ Othonos Str., Athens_30.06.2019

Valuation_ ROBIES PROPRIETATI IMOBILIARE - Bolintin Vale - Industrial 

Valuation_Blue Land_30.06.2019

Valuation_ Sveti Stefan SITE LD Montenegro_30.06.2019

Valuation_ Viltanioti, Kifissia_30.06.2019

Valuation_Kronos Building_30.06.2019

Valuation_LAMDA DEV - Regimentului_30.06.2019

Valuation_Mediterranean Cosmos_30.06.2019

Valuation_Prokalissi, Spata_30.06.2019


Valuation_The Mall Athens_30.06.2019

Minutes of 10.10.2019 LD E.G.M.

Minutes Extract of 21.10.2019 LD BoD

Lamda Development_ISRS 4400 letter_PWC_25_11_2019

Lamda Development_ISAE 3420_Pro Froma_PWC_25_11_2019

Lamda Development Working Capital Adequacy Overview PWC 25_11_Signed

The Codified Articles of Association of HELLINIKON S.A., as Annex of the 14.11.2014 Agreement, are available at the following link of the National Printing House of Greece, where L.4422/2016 (GOV 181 A/ 27.09.2016) is published:.

The published, annual audited financial statements for 2016, 2017 and 2018 along with the respective Audit Reports of HELLINIKON S.A. can be found at the following links:, καιΕτήσιες-Οικονομικές-Καταστάσεις-της-31ης-Δεκεμβρίου-2018.pdf

Report of Legal Auditor’s Findings_25.11.2019