LAMDA Development S.A. informs the investors that according to the decision 20/430/6.6.2007 of the BoD of the Capital Market Committee, that on 25/06/2007 the sale of paper based registered shares that had not been submitted for dematerialization or derived from company’s transactions and had been issued to the beneficiaries of paper based shares was completed. EFG Eurobank S.A., the competent member that was appointed to carry out the sale, notified that the net result of the sale after deducting related expenses and taxes amounted to euro 22.624,89. The above mentioned amount will be deposited within seven (7) working days, for the benefit of the entitled shareholders, to the Deposits and Loans Fund. The Company will inform by mail all eligible shareholders regarding the collection process, as well as the necessary documentation for this collection. After this sale LAMDA Development S.A. posses only paperless shares.