Announcement on business developments related to the Ellinikon


Signing of the final contracts in execution of part of the agreement for the basic business terms of the syndicated bank loans for the financing of the Ellinikon

LAMDA DEVELOPMENT S.A. (the “Company”), in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 and the Athens Exchange Rulebook, each as applicable, and further to the relevant announcements dated 25.11.2019, 30.01.2020, 07.04.2021 and 23.06.2023, informs the investing public that the Company and/or subsidiaries of the Group LAMDA Development signed on 08.12.2023 with Eurobank SA, Piraeus Bank S.A., Alpha Bank S.A. the definitive contracts in execution of part of the agreement of the basic business terms for the syndicated bank loans, signed on 23.06.2023, for the purposes of financing the Ellinikon project.