Announcement of other developments


LAMDA Development SA (the Company) informs the public, in accordance with Law 3556/2007 and Regulation (EU) 596/2014, that its subsidiary «LAMDA OLYMPIA VILLAGE SINGLE MEMBER SOCIETE ANONYME FOR REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT» (the Subsidiary) issued on 23 June 2020 a bond loan of the total amount of up to €220 million. National Bank of Greece SA (NBG) agreed to cover the full amount of the loan.

Such coverage is subject to the usual, for this type of loans, coverage preconditions, including, primarily, the completion of the perfection of the relevant securities.

The funds raised from the aforementioned loan will be used by the Subsidiary, inter alia, to repay existing debt of the Subsidiary, including the repayment of the intra-group loan of the amount of €11 million, that the Company has provisionally covered.