Announcement of regulated information according to Law 3556/2007: Notification concerning changes in voting rights (L.3556/2007)


LAMDA Development S.A. (hereinafter “the Company”) announces, in accordance with the provision of article 14 Law 3556/2007 and following relevant notifications submitted thereto, that on the 21st of December, 2017 the direct participation, on a stand-alone basis, of the investment fund GSO Special Situations Master Fund (Luxembourg) S.à.r.l. was decreased to 0% of the share capital and the voting rights of the Company, from 8.41% based on previous notification. Further, on the abovementioned date, the aggregate participation of the investment funds managed by GSO Capital Partners L.P., was decreased to a percentage below 5% of the share capital and the voting rights of the Company, from 19.48% based on previous notification.

It is noted that GSO Capital Partners LP controls the exercise of the voting rights of the investment funds in its capacity as manager or advisor of these funds. GSO Advisor Holdings L.L.C. is the general partner of GSO Capital Partners LP. Blackstone Holdings I L.P. is the sole member of GSO Advisor Holdings L.L.C. Blackstone Holdings I/II GP Inc. is the general partner of Blackstone Holdings I L.P. The Blackstone Group L.P. is the controlling shareholder of Blackstone Holdings I/ΙΙ GP Inc. The Blackstone Group Management L.L.C. is the general partner of The Blackstone Group L.P., and as such, the ultimate controlling legal entity of the chain of the abovementioned companies, and is itself controlled by its co-founder, Chairman & CEO Stephen A. Schwarzman.