Awards and Distinctions in recognition of LAMDA Development’s support to Greek society and economy

LAMDA Development has recently received important awards and distinctions in recognition of its initiatives and actions supporting economy, as well as contributing into the viable development of society.

The awards highlight the crucial areas on which LAMDA Development has focused its actions and point out the values of development, constant improvement and social commitment.

More specifically:

Corporate Superbrands- Top Corporate Superbrand in Greece Award, org. Superbrands Greece.
Business Awards- Investor Relations Award 2016, org. Hrima Magazine.
Corporate Affairs: Special Distinction in the category “Research and Planning for the program «Communication and Media Campaign for Hellinikon»”, org. HMA.
Annual Sustainability Summit: Distinction for the long term commitment to NGOs and institution by hosting multiple events in its property venues, co-org Athens University of Economics and Business (MBA International) , Centre for Stability and Excellence- CSE.

LAMDA Development will continue to follow its vision and strengthen its commitment to action.