Completion of the sale and transfer of 546,167 own shares

The company under the corporate name “LAMDA Development Holding and Real Estate Development Societe Anonyme” (the “Company”) announces, pursuant to the provisions of the Athens Exchange Rulebook and Regulation 596/2014, each as in force, that on 6.11.2019 the sale of the remaining treasury shares corresponding to 546,167 shares, to the company under the commercial name “ORYMIL S.A.”(“Orymil”), has been completed. It is noted, that Orymil was the highest bidding company, after the completion on 16.10.2019 of the process for the expression of interest and submission of tenders for the acquisition of the said shares. The sale was made at the price of 7.27 euro per share, according to the result of the aforementioned process, following the expiration of the 10-day period as of the registration with General Commercial Registry (G.E.MI.), on 24.10.2019, a) of the resolution of the Board of Directors dated 18.10.2019, which authorised the aforementioned sale and transfer of treasury shares and b) the Fairness Opinion of the audit firm “Deloitte Certified Public Accountants Societe Anonyme” according to the procedure provided for by article 99 seq. of law 4548/2018.