Decision for the disposal of own shares

Ιn accordance with the provisions of applicable law and the Athens Stock Exchange Regulation, LAMDA Development S.A. (hereinafter “the Company”) announces that on December the 21st, 2017, the Board of Directors reached a decision for the disposal of five hundred thousand (500,000) own shares representing 0.63% of the total number of common registered shares of the Company, by way of a private placement.

The aforementioned own shares have been acquired and legally held by the Company, pursuant to article 16 of c.l. 2190/1920 as in force, following purchases the details of which, have been preceded by relevant corporate announcements.

According to the same decision, until the completion of the disposal procedure, the as of 15.06.2017 resolution of the General Assembly of the shareholders for the purchase of own shares has been suspended.