Gigantic project to transplant 3,000 trees at The Ellinikon carried out by LAMDA Development

transplant 3,000 trees


Athens, Friday April 7th 2023: Firmly committed to the principles of sustainability that are at the heart of its strategy for the development of the new "green" city of The Ellinikon, LAMDA Development is carrying out one of the largest transplantations ever undertaken in Greece. This gigantic project for the protection of the environment started in parallel with the construction works and involves the protection and transplanting of more than 3,000 trees, located within The Ellinikon site.

LAMDA Development, in cooperation with specialized companies of green engineering and Greek plant nurseries, is creating temporary exclusive spaces, which will host trees that were transferred and will be transferred there due to the works at The Ellinikon. The trees will be kept safe until they are gradually replanted in the Metropolitan Park and in the public areas of the new green city. Already more than 2,000 trees have been transferred to exclusive storage areas of a large Greek plant nursery.

The transplanting of the trees has already begun at the Experience Park with 80 olive trees and 100 new trees that further enhance the green natural environment of the park. The total number of trees is 900, while about 80,000 plants come from Mediterranean varieties. A key principle of transplanting planning is the selection of plants based on their species, their specific characteristics, local climate, site conditions and their ability to retain water, given that the management and conservation of rainwater is vital for the urban environment.