Lamda Development presents the commemorative volume “Xenokrateion - The Archaeological Museum of the Sacred City of Mesolongi”

  • The volume is the 20th edition of the series “The Circle of Museums” and is dedicated to the Xenokrateion Archaelogical Museum of the Sacred City of Mesolongi.
  • Published by Olkos Publishers with the support of Lamda Development

Athens, 14 December 2021 – Lamda Development, faithful to its commitment to the promotion of Greek cultural heritage, continues the tour of the reading public in the museums of Greece and presents today the 20th volume of the series “The Museums Cycle”, dedicated to the Xenokrateion Archaeological Museum of the Sacred City of Mesolongi.

The special archaelogical wealth and cultural heritage of Aetoloacarnania are presented through the luxurious volume dedicated to the “Xenokrateion - The Archaelogical Museum of the Sacred City of Mesolongi” by the archeologist and Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Aetoloacarnania and Lefkada, Ms. Olympia Vikatou.

Through the pages of the volume, the reader discovers important archaeological findings and collections of great historical and subject range, from prehistoric to late Roman times, representative of the tribes that inhabited the region. Findings that are now housed at the “Xenokrateion”, a preserved neoclassical building that is a landmark of Mesolongi now home to the newly established archaelogical museum of the city.

The building of the Xenokrateion was exemplary restored by the competent services of the Ministry of Culture and Sports so as to promote the cultural heritage of the greater area that is not limited to modern times. In close collaboration with the Ministry, which has always supported the publishing initiative “The Museums Cycle”, Lamda Development has chosen the newly established museum for this year’s edition of the series, in its desire to contribute the most to its promotion. The publication of the 20th volume dedicated to Mesolongi coincides with the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution and is a tribute to the contribution of the Sacred City to the Struggle.

Introducing the publication, the Minister of Culture and Sports Ms. Lina Mendoni notes:
“The creation of an archaelogical museum suitable and worthy to host and showcase the cultural heritage of the area has been a request and vision for many decades. It is fulfilled, today, with the rebirth of the “Xenokrateion School for Girls”, which was erected in 1885 at the expense of the city’s benefactors, the Xenokratis brothers. The Xenokratis brothers faithfully served the idea of the Greek regenesis and disposed of their property benefiting the nation. In their patriotism they did not forget Mesolongi, whose inhabitants they admired for their heroism. The “Xenokrateion”, an integral part of the cultural heritage of Mesolongi, intertwined with the life and memories of its inhabitants, and declared a modern monument, due to its architectural and historical significance, was fully restored by the services of the Ministry of Culture, in order to serve as a modern museum space and as a pole of culture for the greater area.
The establishment and delivery of the Xenokratio Archaelogical Museum, on the anniversary of the bicentennial, is a small tribute and thank you on behalf of the Greek State to the Sacred City of Mesolongi, which became synonymous with the contribution and sacrifice in the struggle for national independence.
Lamda Development completes the homage to the Sacred City by dedicating the twentieth volume of the series “The Museums Cycle”. to the Xenokrateion Archaelogical Museum. This new luxurious bilingual edition endows Aetoloacarnania with an excellent guide of the new museum for the visitor, but also with a valuable manual of knowledge for expert scientists, researchers and educators, and for every literate and conscious reader”.

The author of the volume, Ms. Olympia Vikatou, emphasizes that:
“The promotion of the newly established Museum is achieved in the best way by the volume of the series “The Museums Cycle”, entitled “Xenokrateion - The Archaeological Museum of the Sacred City of Mesolongi”. The brilliant head of Artemis Laphria on the cover invites the reader to travel to the western extremities of the mainland, to the land of lakes and rivers, where the Aetolians, the Acarnanians and their relative tribes lived”.

Mr. Evangelos Chronis, Vice Chairman of Lamda Development, stated:
“The Museums, in addition to their enormous contribution to the culture and history of our land, also function as healing centers for the spirit and the soul.
So let us be considered lucky people for the opportunities we are given to visit the plethora of our exceptional museums and all those that have been created recently as well as our countless archaelogical sites”.

The commemorative volume “Xenokrateion - The Archaelogical Museum of the Sacred City of Mesolongi”, as well as other editions of the series “The Museums Cycle” will be distributed free of charge to archaelogy departments of universities in Greece and abroad, to the competent departments of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, to foreign archaelogy schools and institutes, as well as to select local and international libraries and organizations.

The digital version of the volume is available in Greek and English on Lamda Development’s website

The 334-page volume was published under the supervision of Ms. Eirini Louvrou of Olkos Publishers. Photography by Mr. Sokratis Mavromattis, artistic direction and image editing by Ms. Eliza Kokkini and Mr. Nikos Lagos from Indigo Graphics. Copy editing was made by Mr. Pantelis Boukalas, printing by Mr. Dimitris Kadianakis of Fotolio, and the bookbinding by Mr. Georgios Iliopoulos. The book was translated in English by Ms. Alexandra Doumas.


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