LAMDA Development sponsors the Hellenic Paralympic Committee and supports a disability awareness school educational programme

Greek Paralympic Committee

In the context of its CSR commitment, the company will be working with NGO “Me Alla Matia” in an effort to raise the students’ awareness on issues around disability and inclusion.

Athens, 7 March 2024 – LAMDA Development announced its support to the Hellenic Paralympic Committee for 2024 in view of this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. In this context and always aiming to support social impact programmes for the local communities it operates in, the company will be cooperating with the NGO “Me Alla Matia”, which implements educational programmes at schools aiming at raising awareness towards disabilities.

As of February 2024 and throughout the year, with the support of LAMDA Development, up to 60 training programmes will be held at schools in the Municipalities of Elliniko-Argyroupoli, Alimos and Glyfada, addressing 3,200 students of all education levels. Their aim is to raise students’ awareness and familiarise them with issues that disabled people are faced with, instil the values of the Paralympic movement and share knowledge on Paralympic sports through the students’ acquaintance with Paralympic athletes who are a source of inspiration for us all.

The cooperation of LAMDA Development with the Hellenic Paralympic Committee and the NGO “Me Alla Matia” reinforces the importance of training and awareness so that the new generation can, collectively, make a difference in eliminating all forms of discrimination, promoting inclusion and combatting the social exclusion of disabled persons. Disabled athletes and other disabled persons who will be participating in this initiative will engage with students in an effort to approach the reality of disability, accessibility and the uniqueness of every person in a humane and real-life way. In the course of the training sessions, speakers will be invited to describe challenging moments of their everyday lives and, also discuss with students the various  ways we can all contribute in practice to the improvement of their everyday lives.

This is a student-oriented programme, which will give students the opportunity to have a constructive dialogue, exchange thoughts, views and experiences and develop values such as empathy, understanding and acceptance.