Milestone-award for The Ellinikon Experience Park - The first project in Europe with a SITES Gold sustainability certification for a new construction project

Experience park

Monday, 19 February 2024 – LAMDA Development is proud to announce that The Ellinikon Experience Park has been awarded with the international SITES Gold sustainability certification for new construction projects.  

This award is a milestone, as The Experience Park of the major regeneration project of The Ellinikon, which was loved by young and old from the very first day it opened its doors in December 2021, is the first project in the New Construction Project category with a SITES certification in Europe.  

The Sustainable SITES Initiative certification is the international framework for the design, development and management of sustainable, resilient landscapes and open spaces. By acquiring this certification, The Ellinikon Experience Park emerges as a model sustainable urban park.  

The Ellinikon Experience Park welcomed the public just six months after the signing of the contract for The Ellinikon project by LAMDA Development, and has been embraced as a new destination ever since.  

It was designed by the studio of the distinguished Greek landscape architect Thomas Doxiadis, setting as a priority the enhancement of biodiversity, the restoration of the soil and the reuse and recovery of building materials from the old airport, in a way that connects nature with the aesthetics and ecosystem of the area.  

In The Ellinikon Experience Park, 900 new trees and 80,000 new low-growing plants that thrive in the Mediterranean climate have been planted, with an emphasis on local species that are part of the Attica landscape.