New Board of Directors


LAMDA DEVELOPMENT S.A. (hereinafter the Company) notifies, that the Company’s new Board of Directors, , following its election for a five year service and the designation of its independent members by the Ordinary General Meeting of the Shareholders dated 14th June, 2018, established itself on the same date, as follows:

  1. Anastasios Giannitsis,Chairman, non-executive member
  2. Evangelos Chronis,Vice Chairman, non-executive member
  3. Odyssefs Athanassiou,CEO, executive member
  4. Photios S. Antonatos,non-executive member
  5. Dimitrios Afendoulis,non-executive member
  6. Eftichios Vassilakis,independent, non-executive member
  7. Georgios Gerardos, independent, non-executive member
  8. Ioannis Karagiannis,non-executive member
  9. Chariton Kyriazis, independent, non-executive member
  10. Odyssefs Kyriacopoulos, independent, non-executive member
  11. Evgenia Paizi,non-executive member