Notification of change of executives


Maroussi, 2 December 2021


LAMDA DEVELOPMENT S.A. (the “Company”), in accordance with Regulation 596/2014/EU and the Athens Exchange Regulation, each as applicable, informs the investing public about the following changes in the Company’s organizational structure.

Mr. Dimitris Kitsios, a Civil Engineer, will undertake the role of Chief Infrastructure & Controls Officer. Mr. Kitsios has twenty years professional experience in the development and project management of large-scale projects in well renowned companies in Asia, the Middle East and the USA. He holds a master’s degree in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University. Mr. Kitsios will assume his duties in mid-January 2022.

Mr. Dimitris Zontanos ceases to serve as Chief Construction and Planning Officer and will continue to support the Ellinikon project, assuming the role of the Consultant to the CEO, further utilizing from this position his significant prior experience.

Mr. Zisimos Danilatos, Chief Development Officer, resigned on 30.11.2021, following 19 years of valuable contribution to the Company, especially in the Ellinikon project.

The Company continues to strengthen its organizational structure and proceeds dynamically with the implementation of the Ellinikon project.