Principal Officers CV

  • Odisseas Athanasiou

    CEO Lamda Development

  • Zissimos Danilatos

    Chief Development Officer, Residential,
    Hospitality, Sports & Education, Ellinikon Project

  • Theodoros A. Gavriilidis

    Chief Investment Officer

  • John Giannakopoulos

    Chief Legal Counsel, Company Secretary,
    Chief Compliance Officer

  • Harris Goritsas

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dimitris Haralabopoulos

    Investor Relations and Financial Strategy Director

  • Dimitris Karastogiannis

    Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

  • Konstantina Karatopouzi

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • Yvette Kosmetatou

    Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

  • Christos Nikolopoulos

    Chief Asset Management Officer

  • Μelina Paizi

    Chief Development Officer, Malls, Offices,
    Metropolitan Park, Leisure, Ellinikon Project

  • Alina Papageorgiou

    Chief HR Officer

  • Mary Papakonstantinou

    Chief Internal Auditor

  • Dimitris Zontanos

    Chief Planning and Construction Officer, Ellinikon Project