Social Responsibility


For LAMDA Development, an organization’s starting point for doing business should be its contribution to social cohesion and domestic growth, in order to be able to smoothly operate within the environment it has chosen.

LAMDA Development abides by its ethical commitments with regard to transparency, quality of service, defending human rights, environmental protection and safeguarding cultural heritage, which represent main principles in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The company’s corporate business activities and its three shopping centers (The Mall Athens, Golden Hall, Mediterranean Cosmos) have created 7,000 jobs and generate an annual turnover of €700 mln from the 547 stores operating in them.

At the same time, The Ellinikon project is expected to create 85,000 new jobs and add 2,4% in the Greek GDP until its completion date, while contributing more than €14 bln in tax revenues to the Greek State.

In the same context, every year there are numerous notable synergies between Golden Hall, The Mall Athens, Mediterranean Cosmos and the Flisvos Marina with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other entities that stand out for their important social work. Among others, NGOs use public spaces of the company-owned shopping centers to communicate their work to an audience of thousands of visitors daily.