Social Responsibility


FOR LAMDA Development, an organization’s starting point for doing business should be its contribution to social cohesion and domestic growth, in order to be able to smoothly operate within the environment it has chosen.

LAMDA abides by its ethical commitments with regard to transparency, quality of service, defending human rights, environmental protection and safeguarding cultural heritage, which represent our main principles in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Corporate business activities and operating three shopping centers (The Mall Athens, Golden Hall, Mediterranean Cosmos) have created 7,000 jobs and accommodate 530 shops generating an annual turnover of €700 m.

To this end, our Hellinikon investment aims at strengthening growth and productivity. In detail, it is expected to generate 75,000 new job vacancies during operation, adding thus a 2,4% in the Greek GDP until its completion date and more than € 14 b. to the Greek State in taxes.
At the same time, numerous notable synergies are deployed between the Golden Hall, The Mall Athens, Mediterranean Cosmos and the Flisvos Marina with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other entities.

This way all partners may be hosted in public spaces of our company-owned shopping centers in order to communicate their work to an audience of 25,000,0000 visitors annually.

In 2019, a series of programs took place supporting no less than 70 different NGOs. 

Beyond our corporate strategy, an important role is played by our human workforce, which is encouraged to take part in social programs, such as promotion of recycling in work places, volunteering in blood donation, food collection for vulnerable groups of people, as well as on-going training programs.

Moreover, LAMDA Development proceeds in drafting joint CSR policies between the mother company and its commercial ventures, so that multiple social benefits may be produced.

A telling example of that was to financially support the Special Olympics Hellas, and other social charity associations and organizations, like ELEPAP (Rehabilitation for the Disabled) and AMIMONI (Panhellenic Association of Parents and Friends of the Visually Impaired People with Additional Special Needs), all hosted in our shopping centers. At the same time, our staff members volunteered to support them and put on communication events and other awareness-raising workshops.

In LAMDA Development, we place particular importance to corporate social responsibility since we consider that corporations, being an integral part of society, have to unquestionably adopt a responsible business attitude by putting in place those principles that have a return for society.

In this context, during 2019, we carried out support programs for more than 70 different NGOs in the premises of our shopping centers (Τhe Mall Athens, Golden Hall, Mediterranean Cosmos); similar actions also took place in the Flisvos Marina.

Please find below the full list of all organizations we actively supported either by hosting their communication events in our shopping center premises free of charge, or financially or by collecting basic essentials or in any other way.

Organizing Bazaars to support NGOs
NGO-run seasonal bazaars hosted in our shopping centers to financially support their cause and to raise awareness amongst visitors.
1. ELEPAP Association – Easten Bazaar
2. The Smile of the Child – Christmas Bazaar
3. Pylaia Security Department
4. Xatzikonsta Foundation
5. MARGARITA Vocational Training Center – Christmas Bazaar
6. American Farm School
7. Iliaktida – Promotion of “Iliaktida, Hospitality Centre for Sick Children and Family”
8. Faros Elpidas
9. Amimoni – Easter Bazaar
10. Sales point of GreenPeace diaries – open presentation of their “Protect the Arctic” campaign and actions for renewables. Moreover, an amazing experience via Virtual Reality was offered to the public: a trip to the Artic, full of surprises. Those taking part in this experience, upon exit, would get a Greenpeace pin, whereas others could register, if they wished so, as financial supporters of this Association.
11. To Ergastiri
12. Christmas charity Bazaar by the “For Adolescent Health” scientific organization.
13. Christmas charity Bazaar by the HARA Center for individuals with special needs
14. ALMA Association – Easter and Christmas fundraising bazaar at the Flisvos Marina where they sold Easter gifts and informed visitors on their Association.
15. Save A Greek Stray- Christmas Bazaar to encourage stray animal care, vaccination and sterilization, intended to ultimately promote their adoption by families ready to love and take care of them.

Hosting communication events to raise public awareness
1. “Together for Children” – Communication event on Adolescent Health
2. Community-based Rehabilitation Institute (ΙΕΑ) – Public awareness-raising event on generic disability issues
3. “Faros tou Kosmou” (Lighthouse of the World” – Support center for Roma minors
4. Friends of Merimna
5. Animal Welfare - Save a Greek Stray – Updating visitors on the model Shelter, where stray animals are taken care of and wait for a new family to adopt them
6. Alzheimer Hellas – Public information campaign on the disease’s symptoms
7. The Heart of the Child
8. National Federation of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis – Public information campaign
9. Safe Water Sports (SWS)- Update on safety in sea sports and leisure activities
10. AIESEC – Global Village, presentation of organization’s international members to promote world peace
Collection of basic essentials for vulnerable groups of people
1. “Become godfather this year” action, collection of clothes, toys, Easter candles and shoes, which were delivered to the “Together for Children” association
2. Donating proceeds from selling children fairy tale “Flisvos and the magic underwater train” to “The Smile of the Child”
3. “MITERA” Infant Center, collection of clothes and basic essentials
4. “All together we can” – Food collection to support our fellow, crisis-ridden people via meals provided by the Athens Archdiocese’s “Apostoli” NGO, Dioceses in Greece and Social Groceries

Hosting educational actions
1. Arcturos
2. Panorama Special Elementary School for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired Individuals, Pisti - Association of Parents of Children Suffering from Neoplasmatic Diseases of the Agia Sophia Children Hospital
3. Action – Event – Information to children on the secrets of a balanced, health-and planet-friendly diet
4. Posidonios Half-Marathon
5. University of Piraeus – Post-graduate course on Shipping, updating students on all operational aspects of the Flisvos port and the role played by tourist port facilities in Greece’s touristic offering
6. Children events celebrating World Thinking Day, World Scout and Guide Day
7. Aristotle College
8. “Paul the Apostle” Schools
9. Painting exhibition, actions – events for children in the context of the School’s 40th anniversary
10. University of Piraeus – Post-graduate course on Shipping – Educational tour for University of Piraeus students attending the post-graduate course on Shipping by the Flisvos Marina Management Authority.
11. Hosting pupils from Pierce Private High School at the Flisvos Marina. The visit’s objective was for them to comprehend what a tourist port means and get acquainted with key issues of running a marina, like Flisvos (environmental, commercial, marketing, etc.).
12. In the context of Christmas celebrations, the Flisvos Marina, for the second consecutive year, made children fairy tale “Flisvos and the magic underwater train” available for sale. Part of sales proceeds will be donated by LAMDA Flisvos Marina S.A. to “The Smile of the Child” Association.

Special thematic events
1. Care for Children
2. Humane – Social Enterprise – Public information event on the “Breath Unlimited” awareness-raising campaign, in the context of the European Cystic Fibrosis Awareness week.
3. Hellenic Society of Cardiology
4. Action – Children event entitled “My grandparents and I”
5. Alma Zois (Leap for Life), Race for the Cure 2017
6. Neraida Floating Museum, docking of the floating museum
7. 2016 Paralympics, presentation of Paralympic disciplines
8. Greek Guiding Association
9. Painting exhibition featuring children works dedicated to G. Moralis, for the School’s 50th Anniversary
10. Charity concert - Lighting up the Christmas Tree together with the “Coeurs pour Tous” Foundation to cover surgery expenses for 2 children suffering from a heart condition, to be operated by Prof. Afksendiyos Kalangos
11. "Νοιάζομαι...είναι Easy" (Caring is ...Easy”): An initiative taken by Radio Station Easy97.2, in partnership with the Golden Hall and under the auspices of the Municipality of Amaroussion, intended to collect new and used items for children, which were later delivered to local families in need.
12. Painting exhibition entitled “Road safety through the eyes of children” at the GOLDEN HALL shopping center. this exhibition was organized by the Hellenic Police in collaboration with “ALLIANCE FOR GREECE”
13. Dancing Walk, under instructions by the Studio One crew in Golden Hall, aiming at raising 10€ by the company for each participant
14. Hosting the Neraida Floating Museum at Flisvos Marina with free-of-charge admission.
15. National Observatory of Athens – Night of the observer – Free-of-charge admission for nighttime observation using portable telescopes of the National Observatory and the “Dioscures” Association of Astronomy in the context of the “Night of the Observer” series of events.

Promotion of volunteering and solidarity
1. 3rd Panorama Charity Fun Run
2. Hermes
3. 16th Scout Troop
4. Association of Friends-volunteers Of The. Society for the Protection Of Minors Of Thessaloniki
5. WWF Hellas
6. 6th Sea Scout Troop
7. Communication on behalf of “Lions International»
8. Voluntary blood donation at the Flisvos Marina First Aid station attended by company personnel, employee family members, vessel crews, security staff and charterers alike.
9. Posidonios Half-Marathon Street Race. The race took place inside the Flisvos Marina premises. Employees and their family members were really glad and enthusiastic about their participation in the race.
10. Participation in the Annual Voluntary Beach Cleanup at the Derveni beach in Korinthia region.
11. Instead of mailing business Christmas cards, the Flisvos Marina, throughout Christmas festivities, made a financial donation to “The Arc of the World”, to be used to improve living conditions for children accommodated there. This amount was used by “The Arc of the World” to purchase food supplies for children’s daily meals.